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December 20th 2022
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  • Workshop Ticket
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  • ​Private Community
  • ​​Social-Impact Cause
  • ​30-minute Post-Event Coaching Session
VIP Customers Also Get:
  • Year-long Journey Ticket (12 Events throughout the year PLUS December 20, 2022 event ticket)
  • ​16 ICF CCEUs
  • Accountability Buddy
  • ​Full 3-Part Documentary Access
  • ​​45-minute Coaching Session Per Quarter (4x)


 What will I get?
Learn to feel and embody groundedness in an ever-changing market place to
- attract great clients, not just any clients,
- live our personal mastery beyond coaching competences
- re-center to understand what clients need any given moment
- navigate competition in the coaching field and help clients do the same.
 How much do I need to invest?
Apart from the subscription price which will fund coach training in Kenya, you’ll invest time in yourself as the biggest value driver. You’ll invest time and accountability in deep learning to outgrow dilemmas around making poor business. You’ll invest in your personal mastery beyond coaching mastery. That will make the difference in how to thrive in an ever-changing coaching market and client market place.
 What will be the ultimate outcome?
You’ll attract clients naturally feeling grounded. No matter what’s happening out there. There’s no indication how many – though we’ll have a specific goal for you -, as it depends on you how well you’ll invest time in yourself and in this learning journey with us. 
 What if I do not get clients?
You’ll get clients if you do the work we’ll invite you to do. More importantly, you’ll feel grounded such that you won't be bothered by this question as you'll have gained deeper understanding of how to navigate competition in the coaching field and help your clients do the same.
 Can I join the year-long journey in the course of the year?
No. As the 12-month learning journey is not a set of loose and independent events, the learning we mean to co-create with you reflects a consistently and coherently built step-by-step journey that you cannot enter but in the first month of the first quarter of the year. This approach reflects our purpose, which is to ‘provide deep learning offering something brand new that the coaching world has never seen before.
 Do I need to be a Coach or an ICF Certified Coach to come onboard?
No. You need to be interested in deep learning on a personal level. You need to be aware of what it takes to reconnect with your genius and embrace that challenge. You need to decide for yourself that you are worth this deep learning journey. Most importantly, you need to take personal responsibility for your learning and ensure that with our guidance and support you will take away the most and can make the most out of the journey. This invitation is the same as in any professional coach context.
 Which language will I need to be proficient in?
The Learning Journey will be held in English. However, you are free to use your own native language when it comes to doing reflective work and/or other exercises on your own and for your own learning.
 Still got questions?
Send us an email at tuende.erdoes@ptc-coaching.com